Hip Opening

Pick from over different tutorials and programs, suitable for total beginner and intermediate, to practice at home or on the road. These are open level videos for everyone


How to Stretch Tight Hips | Stretches and Instructions

You might need hip flexor stretches to avoid back pain, but you need them too if you would like to get deep backbends.


How to Do Humble Bird of Paradise

Drills to achieve the Humble Bird of Paradise


How to Flip your Grip with Pigeon | Advance Yoga Postures

This is a series of tutorials with yoga poses. Here it is an explanation on how to do the pigeon.


How to do the Pigeon Pose and Variations

In this video, I provide you with different tips on how to perform the pigeon pose including few variations


How to Standing Compass Pose | Yoga Hip Opener

Tips to achieve the Standing Compass Pose

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